About TalentoHC

Talento Human Capital delivers customized talent acquisition solutions. Our associates have partnered with thousands of high-growth, middle-market, and large enterprise organizations to achieve their business goals.


What We Do

We aim to reduce marketplace complexity and create greater efficiency by offering our customers one point of contact with access to a larger team with experience across a variety of talent acquisition services.

Our multi-service recruiting menu can be configured to meet your evolving hiring needs. Whether you’re interested in hiring for a single role or an entire department, we partner with you to plan and execute the right solution to build your best team yet.

Who We Are

We are business people first.

We are talent consultants with a breadth of industry acumen, deploying expertise throughout our partnerships.

We are committed to being a voice that guides our customers in making the right decisions as their organizations evolve.

We are obsessed with enabling our customers to build their best teams yet.

What Makes Us Different

Experience the Talento difference:

Our People  Talent consultants with a breadth of industry acumen form the core of our team, deploying expertise throughout our partnerships.

Our Services – We curate our solutions from a multi-service portfolio, configuring them to meet our customers’ talent acquisition needs as they arise.

Our Methodologies – Our comprehensive Talento Assessment Methodology (TAM) and dynamic Talento Screen Methodology (TSM) ensure we get the recruiting process right from the start for precise search efforts and hiring at scale.

Our Advisory – Through regular advisory sessions, our team is committed to being a guiding voice for our customers when making talent decisions for their evolving organizations.


Recruiting at Talento

Experience the Talento difference with our versatile, dedicated, business-first approach to talent acquisition. 
Empower your talent visions with people who know your business model, industry, current reach, and future goals. 
Execute search efforts with ease, drive peak performance, and build your best team yet.

Why Talento?


Our people have partnered with the leadership teams of hundreds of household names and high-growth organizations across more than 40 industries, including well-known airlines, toy companies, and technology organizations. We have led entire recruiting processes, built teams from the ground up as our partners grow, placed key leadership and individual contributor roles, and enabled human capital elevation through consultative partnerships.

Meet Our Team

Our team blends the career expertise of in-house HR executives alongside proven innovative professional services leadership to deliver world-class talent acquisition solutions to organizations at any stage of their business life cycle. This expertise spans continents, functions, and industries, bringing broad business acumen and depth to deliver unparalleled customer experiences and results.

At Talento Human Capital

Championing diversity, inclusion, and equity is a constant. We come from a place of acceptance and set a tone that empowers the different beliefs and intrinsic characteristics of all our team and community members. Our values, our mission, and our aims reinforce these firm beliefs.

TalentoHC is a certified minority-owned business enterprise with a commitment to uplifting people from communities around the world. Let's build the best team yet, together.


Navigating the Executive Search Process as a Minority

In today’s dynamic corporate environment, the demand for diverse executives is higher than ever. Companies are increasingly recognizing diversity's immense value and actively seeking minority executives to lead their organizations. However, the job search and...

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