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Our agile approach to talent acquisition ensures that the right solution is crafted for any engagement, regardless of company size, region, or industry. We’re able to drive innovation through a client experience model built on proven methodologies, talented business people, and practical decision-driven data. Our people. Your business. Let’s build your best team yet.


Why partner with Talento Human Capital?

Our People  Talent consultants with a breadth of industry acumen form the core of our team, deploying expertise throughout our partnerships.

Our Services – We curate our solutions from a multi-service portfolio, configuring them to meet our customers’ talent acquisition needs as they arise.

Our Methodologies – Our comprehensive Talento Assessment Methodology (TAM) and dynamic Talento Screen Methodology (TSM) ensure we get the recruiting process right from the start for precise search efforts and hiring at scale.

Our Advisory – Through regular advisory sessions, our team is committed to being a guiding voice for our customers when making talent decisions for their evolving organizations.

Functions We Serve


To succeed in marketing in the current business landscape, companies need to find people who can operate effectively and innovate across diverse media platforms. This includes traditional media, PR, mobile apps, email marketing, e-commerce, and strategic social media.

That's where we come in.

With well-established experience conducting Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Director of Marketing searches, and professional searches for experts across digital, traditional, and SEO marketing, corporate communications, content strategy, and market research, Talento Human Capital is your dedicated partner for marketing talent acquisition.


Develop a strategic edge with transformative legal expertise.

From junior counsel positions to senior attorneys, Talento Human Capital is your partner in filling challenging legal roles.

Whether it's corporate law, litigation, compliance, intellectual property, or general counsel, we posses the expertise to identify individuals who can elevate your organization's legal capabilities.


As businesses expand and evolve, HR professionals need to actively contribute to shaping company strategies and ensuring their effective implementation. Establishing and maintaining a steady flow of talent is pivotal in cultivating a diverse, worldwide workforce.

Your team needs an HR recruiter who comprehends your objectives and can offer the expertise, processes, and human resources prowess necessary to propel your organization onward.

HR recruiters at Talento Human Capital specialize in sourcing top-tier talent to elevate HR as a core business strategy. We offer curated recruitment solutions for every HR area, from compensation to diversity, HRIS, and talent acquisition.


In operations, efficiency and adaptability are paramount. Businesses are on the lookout for professionals who are ready to streamline processes, boost productivity, and navigate intricate logistical challenges.

Talento Human Capital attracts and secures top-tier talent acrss diverse industries for operational roles encompassing supply chain management, logistics, process optimization, and project management, ensuring you build your best operational team yet.


In Finance, precision and strategic insight are non-negotiable. Companies need people who can propel financial growth, maintain regulatory compliance, and navigate the multifaceted dynamics of the evolving market.

At Talento Human Capital, we attract and secure transformative talent for finance roles across our industry specializations. From the C-suite to conducting financial analysis, managing risks, formulation investment strategies, and overseeing financial operations, we specialize in identifying individuals who can drive peak performance and unlock your organization's financial potential.


At Talento Human Capital, we specialize in sourcing transformative talent across various demanding and technical IT roles. From at-scale staff augmentation to precise professional and executive searches, our expertise spans software development, cybersecurity, network engineering, data science, and more.

Talento Human Capital's IT recruitment division identifies, attracts, and secures individuals with the acumen to drive innovation and ensure your organization's technological edge.


Driving long-term, impactful financial results with business-first sales recruiting.

From entry-level positions to manager and director searches, TalentoHC is prepared to place talented people in challenging and critical sales roles. Whether it's B2B sales, account management, sales leadership, or retail sales, our sales recruitment division secures individuals who can elevate your organization's sales performance.

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