Building a Culture That Empowers Women in Business

“Women can thrive and be just as successful when provided a culture environment for them to succeed.”

– Andrea Rodriguez, Vice President, Operations at TalentoHCM

Work environments that foster a culture built on inclusion, trust, continuous development, and empower women in business through stages of growth in their careers, are shown to develop great business leaders. Empowered women are proven to help companies thrive.


There is a need for female leaders in business more than ever before.

In a recent Diversity in the Workplace study, it was shown that gender-diverse teams are 21% more profitable. In addition, McKinsey & Company reported that the highest performance outcomes were found in executive teams with greater gender diversity.

No matter the industry, when a work culture empowers women in business to become leaders, different skillsets and transformational perspectives are added to the mix. This has been proven to drive more effective solutions, especially in the business world.

Throughout the years, advocates for greater gender equality in the workforce have increased. In the US, more than half of managerial roles are now led by women. In addition, currently, women own approximately 10 million businesses nationwide.

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Investing in opportunities that qualify women for leadership roles is key.

By continuing to uplift women and support them throughout their career journeys, women will become more qualified for leadership roles in their fields of expertise. Over time, investing in training, equality programs, promotions, and mentoring growth opportunities is essential for businesses to create long-term, dedicated employees who have a strong business acumen.

A Forbes article highlights that women in business who have the right connections and mentors can be provided with greater access to resources and knowledge. This is an essential factor in helping women to excel in their careers efficiently, with greater confidence and competence.


When businesses encourage gender diversity it creates a successful working environment.

Thankfully, today many women in the workforce are part of companies that have already incorporated policies that encourage them to obtain success in the workplace.

TalentoHC is an advocate for diversity in the workplace and has found the following methods to help further develop a culture that empowers women to succeed proficiently:


1. Empower women through an inclusive culture.

Creating an inclusive work culture that empowers all employees to freely contribute their ideas, and helps to drive businesses forward will lead to higher employee performance. Exposing all team members to ideation business meetings in an open-minded leadership environment inspires a sense of belonging. Exposure to all aspects of the business also helps employees feel that they are valued for their unique skillsets, perspectives, and work ethic.


2. Provide mentorship opportunities for women.

In a Harvard Business Review, it was found that women who are provided with mentorship opportunities and have a solid female network are much more likely to obtain an executive position in the future. Organizing quarterly mentoring opportunities and staff networking events with senior management present can help women to develop confidence in expressing their views and become clear on their career goals.


3. Invite inspirational female speakers to share excellent points with all staff.

Female role models represent what is possible and can ignite ambition. Inviting inspirational leaders into the office setting, who deliver high-impact speeches, can help women and all staff members overcome adversity, develop courage, and create a positive impact in business.

With decades of operational experience across more than 20 industries, Talento’s team integrates a broad, versatile set of human capital services to create winning solutions for businesses at all stages. Having TalentoHC on your side will help you find specialized talent without gender bias, based on the skills you want to bring in and need to achieve your business goals.

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