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Our team blends the career expertise of in-house HR executives alongside proven innovative professional services leadership to deliver world-class talent acquisition solutions to organizations in any stage of their business life cycle. This expertise spans continents, functions and industries, bringing broad business acumen and depth to deliver unparalleled customer experiences and results.

Madeline Largin

Manager, Marketing

Meet Madeline

Madeline Largin, Marketing Manager, is an established mentor in lifecycle B2B marketing, digital strategies, content creation, and graphic design. At TalentoHC, Madeline leads the marketing department with a passion for creating innovative, customer-focused marketing experiences.  

Before Talento, Madeline assumed a lead Marketing role at Lane Office, spearheading a company-wide rebranding effort. In this role, she engineered an impactful email marketing framework that facilitated the acquisition of Fortune 500 clients across New York City. Before that, she served on the Texas Roadhouse team, where she played a pivotal role in launching new locations nationwide and establishing comprehensive local store marketing initiatives. 

Madeline’s professional experience reflects a consistent dedication to driving brand growth, implementing creative strategies, and leveraging her diverse skill set to elevate marketing initiatives to new heights. 

Industry Experience

Hospitality, Architecture & Interior Design, Recruiting

Functional Experience

Management, Marketing, Graphic Design

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