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TalentoHC is the best professional search firm for businesses of any size. We are committed to securing the best-fit candidates for your organization as preferred search partners for hundreds of Fortune 500 and high-growth organizations. Partnering with leaders as a top search firm, we aim to redefine and simplify your recruitment experience, and help you build your best team yet. Explore our comprehensive recruiting services and book an appointment today.

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Our Customers

We’ve partnered with over 750 companies to curate solutions that target their talent acquisition and human capital goals.​ This includes both large-scale global enterprise operations, middle-market leaders, and smaller local start-ups just starting to grow their teams.

Our Talent Acquisition Services

Professional Search

Build your management, professional, and early career teams. With a well-established network of professional talent and dedicated associates with specialized experience, Talento Professional Search provides peace of mind during your talent search process.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Complement your talent acquisition capabilities. Partner with Talento to transfer part or all of your talent acquisition efforts to our highly dedicated team.

RPO Solutions

Versatile RPO Solutions

Curate your RPO experience by exploring any of our recruitment process outsourcing solutions:

  • Full-service RPO: Transfer all your talent acquisition efforts to our team.
  • Partial RPO: Receive top talent to complement one or more departments.
  • Project RPO: Plan and execute a specific initiative.
  • On-demand RPO (Talento Strategic Overflow): Use a versatile on-demand team that knows your business and encourages you to scale up and down as your needs evolve.

Benefits of recruitment process outsourcing

  • Efficient Resource Allocation: Save time and money while ensuring each team member arrives with the tools to succeed.
  • Deep Team Integration: Utilize specialists that know your company departments and the key requirements for each role.
  • Broad Strategic Consulting: Invest in your long-term talent visions with highly attuned business partners.

Take a tour of Spirit, one of our RPO customers

Our RPO partnership with Spirit Airlines has resulted in over 450 professional placements, 10 officer and key management placements, and over 150 transitions and outplacements.

Staff Augmentation

Staff your teams with ease.
Respond to evolving business objectives with on-shore and near-shore solutions.
Staff Augmentation Solutions

Contingent Workforce Management

Hire contractors in corporate functions that deploy into your organization to meet specific business needs.

Partially outsourced

Receive a blend of internal and external resources, where external professionals or teams are hired to supplement the existing workforce, often working alongside in-house staff on specific aspects of a project.

Leverage the Talento Screening Methodology

Talento also offers a truncated talent screening methodology for talent acquisition projects that require efficient hiring or scale. This methodology is a great introduction to the Talento recruitment process and is great for screening and assessing many potential hires.

Interim and Fractional Resources

Get the temporary and on-demand help you need.

Interim Resources: Bring in specialized temporary expertise during a period of evolution or transition.

Fractional Resources: Hire part-time or on-demand experts to lead a specific department.

Build Your Best Executive Team Yet.

We are business people first. Our executive search team possesses both global reach and the capacity for in-depth analysis, all while maintaining practicality and efficiency. We recognize that every organization has a unique DNA for success, and we also understand the importance of having specific skills in the mis. That’s why our methodology and our team seamlessly integrate these aspects while utilizing behavioral and cognitive assessments to ultimately reach our customers’ executive hiring goals.


Executive Placements

Professional Placements

Success Rate

Experience the Talento difference:

Our Team  Talent consultants with a breadth of industry acumen form the core of our recruiting services team, deploying expertise throughout our partnerships.
Our Methodologies – Our comprehensive Talento Assessment Methodology (TAM) and truncated Talento Screen Methodology (TSM) ensure we source, assess, and evaluate candidates based on an objective scale with hundreds of data points throughout our hiring process.
Our Advisory – Through regular advisory sessions on role requirements, job titles, compensation, and the current market for individual roles, our team is committed to being a guiding voice for our customers when making talent decisions for their evolving organizations.

Preferred Recruiting Partners

Build Your Best Team Yet

Our relationship with Talento has added great value to our talent acquisition model and strategy. Their team of knowledgeable and passionate recruiters immerse themselves into our business, and efficiently present diverse talent pools that exceed our expectations.

Our partnership has continued year after year because it’s more than just business for Talento. They are an extension of our family, and our overall company success is what matters most to them.

Dulna Aubourg

Director, Talent Acquisition, Spirit Airlines

TalentoHC has global reach, personalized service, and expertise in understanding the HR needs of consumer goods brands. All in all, I sincerely recommend TalentoHC, a true partner.
Aaron Duncan

VP Global Softlines, Mattel

Talento Human Capital Insights Journal​

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