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Talento’s executive search team leverages its business-first expertise and extensive network to identify exceptional leaders who align seamlessly with an organization’s vision and strategic goals. Our ten-step approach ensures the selection of executives who not only possess the required acumen, experience, and skills but also embody the cultural values that drive long-term team success.​


Placement Success Stories

“I was recruited by Talento (formerly De Forest Search) from L’Oreal in New York for a Vice President of Marketing Role at Mattel in Girl’s Business. Talento’s approach stood out to me. They considered how the role would suit me both professionally and personally. They also invested in my well-being as I relocated away from my family and network. Upon arrival in LA, they met me for breakfast and gave me the lay of the land.”

Vice President Marketing – Mattel, Barbie & Girls Business

“I recently worked with Jill DeForest and Maureen Christiansen from Talento Recruiting. Without hesitation I would recommend Talento Recruiting to any executive job searching for their next assignment.”

– Senior Director, Demand and Supply Planning

FAQs for Executive Jobs

Our customers rely on us to deliver top-tier, culture-fitting leaders who can drive their organizations to new heights and achieve specific departmental and organizational goals. Whether you require confidential talent acquisitions or need to fill out leadership roles in a specific department, our experts have the combined experience necessary to consult on role requirements, source + assess championship-worthy talent, and support placements during their first 30, 60, and 90 days. Explore the FAQs below to learn more about how Talento Human Capital can elevate your leadership team:​

How does Talento approach executive search differently?

Our executive search approach is tailored, comprehensive, and strategic. We combine industry insights, in-depth research, a vetted assessment methodology, and a vast network to identify candidates who align with your company’s culture, vision, values, and goals. Learn more about our executive search process.​

What types of executive positions does Talento specialize in?

Talento’s experts have decades of experience recruiting a wide range of executive roles, including C-suite positions (CEO, CFO, CTO, CIO, CMO, CHRO, etc.), Vice Presidents, Directors, and other leadership roles across many industries. ​Explore our team’s executive search experience.​

How do you ensure the success of the executives you place?

Our commitment doesn’t end with placement. Through regular calibrations, we maintain a post-placement follow-up in our “Support” phase to ensure a smooth integration of the executive into their new role and promote enduring performance.​

How can I get started with Talento's executive search solutions?

Simply reach out to us by booking an appointment or filling out a form. Our team will initiate a conversation to understand your needs, explain our process, and tailor a solution that aligns with your executive hiring requirements.

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