Interim Leaders & Fractional Leaders

Secure Interim Leaders & Fractional Leaders

To serve our customers’ temporary and on-demand leadership needs, Talento Human Capital provides businesses with talented executive and directorial leaders in both an interim and fractional capacity. Fill temporary, on-demand, part-time, and as-needed leadership positions, such as CHRO, CFO, CMO, and COO roles.

Our Interim Leadership and Fractional Leadership Services


Secure an interim CHRO or fractional CHRO to access experienced HR leadership exactly when you need it.

Interim CHROs can fill roles temporarily during medical leave, maternity/paternity leave, and other interim periods.

Fractional CHROs can provide as-needed or part-time leadership for your HR department.


Hire an interim CFO or fractional CFO to bring financial expertise to your organization on a temporary, part-time or as-needed basis.

Interim CFOs can help during times of transition, financial instability, or outstanding growth.

Fractional CFOs can provide ongoing financial guidance and leadership without the need for a full-time hire.


Access marketing leaders that can drive your marketing strategy with an interim or fractional CMO.

Interim CMOs can provide temporary leadership during a transition period or when there’s a temporary vacancy in the role.

Fractional CMOs can offer part-time or as-needed marketing leadership within an organization.


Interim COOs can step in during a period of operational change, such as during a merger or acquisition, to maintain stability and ensure smooth operations.

Fractional COOs, can provide part-time or as-needed operational expertise and guidance without the need for a full-time hire.

Why Use Interim or Fractional Leaders?

Flexible and Scalable

Interim or fractional leaders can fill a gap in leadership quickly, providing immediate support and guidance during times of transition or uncertainty. These flexible arrangements also allow organizations to scale their leadership resources up or down as needed, adapting to changing business needs and priorities.


Hiring an interim or fractional leader can often be more cost-effective than bringing on a full-time executive. Organizations can save on the costs of recruitment, benefits, and ongoing salary expenses, while still benefiting from the expertise and guidance of an experienced leader.

Outside Perspective

Interim or fractional leaders can offer a fresh perspective and unbiased insights into the organization’s challenges and opportunities. Coming in with an outsider’s viewpoint, they can identify areas for improvement, implement strategic initiatives, and drive positive change without being bound by internal politics or biases.

Knowledge Transfer and Succession Planning

Interim or fractional leaders can also play a crucial role in knowledge transfer and succession planning within an organization. They can mentor and develop existing team members, preparing them for future leadership roles.

Diversity in Skillsets

Another advantage of hiring interim or fractional leaders is the flexibility in the skillsets they bring. Depending on the specific requirements, organizations can bring in leaders in various functions, such as finance, operations, marketing, or human resources. This allows for a tailored approach to address specific issues and leverage specialized knowledge, ensuring a well-rounded leadership team that can address diverse business needs.

Efficiency and Agility

Interim or fractional leaders are experienced professionals who can hit the ground running and quickly assess the organization’s needs. They can prioritize tasks, streamline processes, and make necessary adjustments to improve overall efficiency and agility. By leveraging their expertise, organizations can navigate changes and challenges more effectively and with minimal disruption.

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