Why Choose a Minority-Owned Staffing Agency?

 At Talento Human Capital, we believe in the power of diversity to drive innovation and success. As a minority-owned staffing agency, we are committed to helping companies build their best diverse team yet. We provide a range of services, from sourcing top diverse candidates to implementing inclusive hiring practices, to ensure that your organization reflects the diversity of the world we live in and maximizes its potential for growth and excellence. Let us help you unlock the power of diversity for your business.

Certified Minority-Owned Staffing Agency

  • TalentoHC is a Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE).
  • Recognized as an SIA 2023 US Diversity Owned Staffing Agency.
  • Andrea Rodriguez, Group VP, Revenue and Operations was a recipient of the Diverse Voices Award.
Certified Minority Business Enterprise
SIA 2023 Diversity Owned Staffing Firms
SFBJ diversity and inclusion awards

Benefits of Using a Minority-Owned Staffing Agency

Increased Innovation and Creativity

Multiple recent studies, including one from the Harvard Business Review, have shown that cognitive diversity helps teams solve problems faster.

While traditional diversity focuses on visible aspects like gender, race, or ethnicity, cognitive diversity goes beyond these attributes. It’s about the differences in individuals’ thought processes, information processing styles, and approaches to problem-solving. It encompasses factors like:

  • Critical thinking styles: Analytical, intuitive, holistic, deductive
  • Learning preferences: Visual, auditory, kinesthetic
  • Openness to new ideas: High tolerance for ambiguity vs. strong preference for structure
  • Risk tolerance: Comfort with experimentation vs. emphasis on security and established methods

Improved Employee Engagement and Morale

Feeling valued, culturally aligned, and fairly treated within a positive work environment empowers employees and fuels loyalty, as evidenced by Catalyst’s Inclusive Leadership Report study showing a 35% engagement increase in inclusive workplaces. By choosing minority-owned staffing agencies, businesses can promote inclusivity while also benefiting from a more engaged and productive workforce.

Proven Profitability

According to research from McKinsey, diverse teams are more profitable, performing 25% to 36% better than non-diverse teams. The research emphasizes that it’s not just about a single aspect of diversity, like gender or ethnicity. Companies that embrace diversity across various dimensions, such as cognitive styles, experiences, and backgrounds, reap the greatest rewards.

Access to Government Grants and Contracts

Many government contracts allocate a specific percentage for minority-owned businesses (MBEs). Partnering with a Certified MBE staffing agency can increase your chances of winning government contracts and grants.

Expertise in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Many minority-owned agencies specialize in helping companies navigate diversity and inclusion (D&I) challenges. They can offer guidance on best practices for recruitment, retention, and creating an inclusive workplace culture. Learn more about our DEI Assessment for businesses evaluating their current DEI infrastructure.

Looking for a Diversity-Owned Staffing Agency Partner?

Explore our talent acquisition services:

Professional Search

Utilize our diversity professional search services specialize in sourcing and recruiting candidates from diverse backgrounds, ensuring representation across race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and more, fostering an inclusive workplace that values different perspectives and experiences. These services aim to match highly qualified individuals with companies seeking to enhance diversity and inclusion within their workforce, ultimately driving innovation and growth through varied perspectives and talents.

Executive Search

By placing emphasis on DE&I in leadership positions, our diversity-focused executive search services help companies create inclusive and equitable environments, drive strategic decision-making, and foster innovation, thereby reflecting a commitment to DE&I throughout the highest levels of the organization. Leverage our diversity executive search services to focus on attracting diverse talent for high-ranking roles, such as C-suite positions (Chief Diversity Officer) or senior leadership positions.

What Makes Us Different

Experience the Talento difference:

Our People  Talent consultants with a breadth of industry acumen form the core of our team, deploying expertise throughout our partnerships.

Our Services – We curate our solutions from a multi-service portfolio, configuring them to meet our customers’ talent acquisition needs as they arise.

Our Methodologies – Our comprehensive Talento Assessment Methodology (TAM) and dynamic Talento Screen Methodology (TSM) ensure we get the recruiting process right from the start for precise search efforts and hiring at scale.

Our Advisory – Through regular advisory sessions, our team is committed to being a guiding voice for our customers when making talent decisions for their evolving organizations.

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